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Eifert, French & Ketchum, currently located in Pelham, Westchester County, NY and Tenafly, Bergen County, NJ specializes in Homeowners Insurance. A home is likely the largest and most important investment you will make. Your Homeowners Insurance policy is the most reliable and safe way to protect that investment. Choosing the correct insurance policy, however, can be confusing due to the large assortment of coverage options available today.

A Homeowners policy usually covers, but is not limited to, your home, attached or unattached structures on your Property such as gazebos, garages, fences, in-ground swimming pools, Personal Property such as furniture, clothing, stocks and bonds, Loss of Use which can cover expenses like moving costs, Personal Liability and Medical Payments such as funeral expenses. Additional coverage for Fine Arts, Jewelry, Antiques and Watercraft (like boats and jet skis) are also available.

Determining the proper insurance limit you need on your Homeowners Insurance coverage can be difficult. However, our agents are able to help you calculate the replacement cost of your home. EFK can also be of assistance in helping you determine a Personal Liability limit for property damage and bodily injury. We will also advise you on the benefits of carrying an Umbrella policy that may offer additional protections in the event of lawsuits and major claims.

With our personalized service and our wide selection of insurance carriers, EFK can tailor a Homeowners Insurance policy that will help protect your most important asset.

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